BDC Special Event UTA Planetarium Feb.5th

Butler Dads

On February 5, 2013 the Butler Dads Club have a special event planned, we have a private viewing of Secret of the Cardboard Rocket at the UTA Planetarium 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Join two children on a magical journey through the Solar System, aided by a talking astronomy book, a cardboard rocket, and a vivid imagination. During this imaginative show, audiences will land on Venus, fly through the rings of Saturn, and discover the secrets of the Solar System.

We have a total of 150 seats so if you are interested in attending this special event please follow these rules:

1.  Tickets are on a first come basis, ticket price is being paid by BDC

2.  Only one adult per Butler family

3.  Both Butler girls and boys may attend

4.  If a Butler parent can not attend their child(s) may attend with another Butler parent

5.   All Butler students must be accompanied by a Butler parent

6.  No drop-offs!

7.  Parking is your responsibility,

8.   Email with the following information (please do not reply to this email):  Your Name, Name of ALL Butler students who will be attending with you and your phone number( this is how we will confirm your seats)

9.   Please share this email with other Butler parents, no flyers will be sent home with students

10.  Any questions please email