Meeting to discuss proposed budget cuts and how they will affect Butler

February 22, 6:30pm Butler Cafeteria—Open to all concerned parents.

The Butler PTA, Butler Dads Club and North Arlington Education Alliance are holding a meeting to discuss the proposed budget cuts, what they mean for Butler and what you can do about it. The meeting is open to all concerned Butler parents and will be held in the Butler Cafeteria on Tuesday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm.

The goal of the meeting is to educate our parents on the crisis, what it means for Butler, and point concerned parents in the right direction to let their voices be heard in Austin.

We will have representatives from AISD, School Board member Jamie Sullins, and our Principal Sara Coulter on hand to present information and answer questions.

The tentative agenda will be:

  1. Introduce AISD SOS (Save our Schools) blue ribbon campaign.
  2. Inform parents on current AISD budget plans (Jamie Sullins to present)
  3. Educate parents on the budget situation in Austin
  4. Let parents know about the North Arlington Education Alliance Town Hall meeting at Lamar on March 9th (pending date)
  5. Mention the Save Texas Schools Rally in Austin March 12th
  6. List specifics of how these cuts affect Butler and our children
  7. Discuss how parent volunteers can help fill the gap at Butler next year. (PTA and Dads Club to Present)